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•  Equipment and key storage
•  Optimise use of key equipment
•  Ensure immediate returns
•  Colour coded key user info

For radios, mobile phones,
key storage and other
small portable items
like meters.

This system ensures key storage and optimum usage of each item, avoiding unnecessary purchase of "spare" radios to allow for those left in desks or cars.The users peg cannot be removed until the radio is returned. The colour of the peg shows which department they are from, whilst the engraved number or initials tells exactly who they are, ensuring its immediate return when the job is finished.

No more lost units or wasted purchase of "spare" units. Very simply each radio or mobile phone is securely attached to a small plastic "retaining identity peg" that locates in the storage board. To gain access the authorised user inserts their own personal issue access key peg into the hole next to the radio, turning firmly to the left to release the radio.

Single storage units also available for larger items such as photographic equipment or projectors.

$120 for the 5 Phone Tracker
Larger Units Available

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